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"Thank you very much for yesterday’s session - so glad to see that you and Matthew were able to maintain a light-hearted touch to the teaching that is so prevalent in your practical lessons. Ben really enjoyed himself."


James 2021

"Thank you Benjji and Matthew. Really really good. Gabriel really engaged in this. Honestly. I was really surprised. Well done. You guys are brilliant."

Margaret 2021

"I think the webinars are really fun, because it’s not just serious work and being told what to do. It always makes me smile when you make jokes."


Martha 2021

Lady .jpg

"I think the webinars are a good idea because usually in piano lessons we concentrate more on playing the piano, not the theory. Matthew and Benjamin try to get everyone to answer at least one question and write on the screen at least once."

Pippa 2021

"Hi Benjamin, Henry thought the theory was interactive and fun. I thought it was a brilliant idea that he could edit onto your screen so others could see. Henry did think it would be better to see the other students as it’s more personal especially when you are talking to each other and you also get to see everyone’s reaction to your answers.​"

John 2021

"I feel like the lessons have boosted my confidence with notes. We have learnt about time signatures, tempos and much more. I wasn't very confident with notes and going to music theory has helped me a lot. Taking these lessons has taught me new things I never knew about music!"

Dylan 2021

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"At first I was nervous to join The Missing Coda Grade 4-5 music theory webinar, but Matthew and Benjamin were very welcoming, and the sessions are relaxed and it’s easy to join in. Matthew and Benjamin are patient and encouraging, and they have some novel and clever ways to explain and teach - including ladders and Lego! - making complex ideas seem simple. They spark off each other; one suddenly playing a tune to illustrate the point the other is teaching, or adding clarity to an explanation with a practical example on the piano. The sessions feel more like a discussion group or workshop, rather than a taught class, as everyone has the chance to  interact and it’s easy to ask questions or suggest ideas. If you read Matthew and Benjamin’s biographies on the website, they are both very accomplished musicians. What isn’t obvious from the text is how much fun they have with music. Their unique blend of witty personalities and wealth of musical knowledge creates an engaging  and attractive learning environment. I would highly recommend The Missing Coda Music Theory Webinars."

Emma 2021

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